Power Moves.

Explore group power dynamics, unlearn toxic patterns, and move toward healthy, joyful empowerment for ourselves and our communities.
View of sky through tensegrity structure
toxic power moves early and gain strategies to deal with them
a support network to process harm and begin healing
from power-play, practice autonomy, find calm
with your personal power, in your identity and environment
  • How can I cultivate power balance in my life? How can I develop the skills to empower myself and those around me?

    Unhealthy power moves show up in our lives every day, especially at work. People around us assert status, making us feel small. We’re undervalued, overwhelmed, underpaid. We feel powerless to change things. We’re less effective, less productive and less healthy. We can’t quit because we have to survive. And even when we go home, the stress goes right home with us.

    Everyone deserves kindness, wellbeing and respect. Everyone should be heard and valued for who we are, not just what we do. In this workshop, our voices count. Our experiences matter. There is a way forward, and together we can find it.

    INCOME-BASED FEE SCALE | Session valued at $300, suggested fee $0-$150. Everyone welcome, regardless of income level.
    LOCATION | North Coast Repertory Theatre, located in Eureka, CA
    MIDWEEK SERIES | Tuesday and Thursday, June 14 and 16, 5:30-7pm
    WEEKEND SERIES | Saturday, June 25, 10am-noon and 1:30-3:30pm